We All Scream

There’s an ice cream truck that rolls through our neighborhood at a speed that makes it impossible to catch if we’re inside or the back yard. We’ve pretty much given up on it. There’s a man who walks through our neighborhood with a cart and a bell, whom we usually can reach in time. But yesterday we didn’t dash out at the first sound of his bell; by the time we did, he was well down the street — beyond shouting distance. Claire was sad. We drove around a few minutes to see if we could find him (my suggestion, I thought we’d succeed). When we couldn’t find him, Claire dealt with her sadness by suggesting we make a stop sign for the ice cream guys. She painted the sign (including the edge) and I painted the words:

letting the ice cream man know what we want

Now we’d best be ready to follow through!

‘Tis the season for daisies… At the park yesterday, Claire ran up to me with both hands overflowing. I love being a mother!

flowers from claire
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One Comment on “We All Scream”

  1. Kathy in San Jose Says:

    I love that you use issues as learning and problem-solving situations with Claire. Good luck with the sign!