Meet Gaia

My husband’s gift to me today, a “Fjellheim” Japanese Maple! I’ve named it Gaia — mother. We bought it locally, and I’m so happy with it! From this:

front yard

To this:

mother's day 2011

We’ve got much more planting to do, but first we needed to position the tree. This is the north side of the house, and most of the year it gets no direct sunlight.

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2 Comments on “Meet Gaia”

  1. acm Says:

    it’s right next to the other tree? sort of imagined from your “before” photo that it was headed for the middle of the yard (where you could enjoy mowing around it for decades to come, heh). will be fun to see it this fall!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    The other tree is our neighbor’s. Our property line is where the rocks end.

    This is a dwarf Japanese maple, expected to get no taller than about 8 feet. That area is desperately plain. We decided against a shrub near the house because the maples are so pretty all year round. We’re still talking about getting a tree for the middle of the yard. I love birch trees. We’ll see!