Getting Into the Spring of Things

So much planting, painting, fixing, creating.

easter egg wreath
easter collage
at work
painting the rocket ship
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2 Comments on “Getting Into the Spring of Things”

  1. lkd Says:

    Oh my goodness. Is that an oriole on the feeder?

    I’m an avid bird watcher (and bird feeder), and have been since I was kid growing up in the woods of New England. One of our neighbors was a bird watcher/feeder and told my mother all about how to feed birds (the basics of buying different bird feeders and seed, to the more creative, like smearing a pine cone with peanut butter and suet and rolling it in seed and nuts and dried fruit for the chickadees and woodpeckers). I still have a vivid memory of filling up a feeder one winter and having a chickadee land on me, impatient to get at the sunflower seed.

    I’ve never seen an oriole. My god, how beautiful they are.

    Meanwhile, the photo of your daughter applying the blue paint to her “canvas” brought to mind Jackson Pollock at work, dripping paint onto one of his huge canvases. I think your daughter will be an artist in some way, shape or form when she grows up.

    Heck, I think she already is.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Yes indeed, it’s a Hooded Oriole! Good eye! We are busy gardening this year. It take a lot of time and effort, but I hope to attract more birds and butterflies. I’m really happy to have this home now. 🙂

    Claire likes to get into her work — paint her hands like gloves, and so on. She’d probably roll in paint if I suggested it!