Surging Wants

Lately we’ve been tending our garden, literally. A year ago we were marching through the process of house inspections and appraisals in order to get the house. When we moved in late May, the early year growing season was well under way. (We pretty much have a year-round growing season, though.) I planted wildflower seeds in the back yard, and while these were a success, when they died in the fall the garden was barren except for weeds. Speaking of which, they grow prolifically! I can’t keep up.

So I’ve been planting plants, bulbs, and seeds with Claire. We’ve planted rosemary, basil, oregano, and thyme, as well as lavender and jasmine. I’ve also planted Lily of the Valley bulbs, Asiatic Lily bulbs, and a Bleeding Heart bulb. As for seeds, Claire and I sowed plenty: pansies, poppies, zinnias, daisies, and sunflowers, as well as some wildflower mix. We’ll see how well this all grows.

The challenge comes when I surf the internet researching plants and garden planning. There are so, so many sites with lovely plants for sale. I want them all, even though I haven’t the space for them. I also want trellises, a raised bed for vegetables, and on and on.

I must remember this is all a process done in stages. We have various spots of our land than need different major bits of work. We also plan to re-do the back patio and put up a shade awning, and before I start planting around those spaces I need to leave room for the mess and see how the awning affects light near the house. The front of the house also has a couple spots needing major attention, as well as the west side of the house, which is compacted soil and rock from where it used to store the previous owner’s trailer. All in good time. We replaced the fence on the west side; it looks nice, and we had a four-foot gate installed as well, which is a boon for lugging supplies to and fro.

It was so wonderful to spend the weekend outside doing all this. Claire loves it too. My dream of giving her a place to dig in the dirt came true. She also met some snails, which she is not shy about carrying around and playing with. Unfortunately one met its demise at her hands. While she played with it (“he” was her pet), the shell cracked. So she tried to help it move into a new shell (we have a basket of small seashells outside). I explained to her this wasn’t like a hermit crab; he couldn’t just move out and in. But — while I didn’t witness this — I think she tried to help it move into a small seashell, and in the process it got squished. I heard her lament that her friend “went away.” She was sad, but not for long. Our garden does not lack for those creatures.

Since we spent most of the weekend outside, the poor house needs attention. Now I want a magic broom to sweep, and a magic vacuum, and dishwasher fairies. Or at the least a maid service! But alas, I’ll need to take up these tasks myself. I will do so, gratefully.

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One Comment on “Surging Wants”

  1. Mom/Grandma Says:

    This is a wonderful post, dear heart:-) I hear sounds of happiness and much fulfillment…..
    Remember to take it in the small steps so it will *grow* well as your ‘vision’ organizes your desires.
    Makes me remember our Joy in making a *home place* with love:-)