The Case of the Suspicious Mammogram

The case is solved. I have NO CANCER!! I have a referral to an oncologist to discuss risk reduction options and to a genetic counselor to discuss testing for BRCA 1 and 2. I’m higher risk but so is living in general. Time to celebrate!

And here’s another craft Claire and I did (since life does go on even while parts of it are stalled):

letter u
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9 Comments on “The Case of the Suspicious Mammogram”

  1. Kathy in San Jose Says:

    For once, it’s good to hear some negative news! And have I told you that I love seeing Claire’s alphabet posters…

  2. lkd Says:

    Lucky you. You are blessed.

    I haven’t said it before now, but I’m in love with the alphabet you and your daughter have been collaborating on.

    She is blessed to have a creative mother who encourages that same creativity in her.

    I’m so happy your news was good.

  3. Barbara Says:

    So happy to hear your news.


  4. Kathryn Says:

    Thank you all! Laurel — I’m glad to know the alphabet project is one you enjoy. I surely do! Also, I appreciated your “come to your senses” comment that you left on my “I’m crazy” post. It was true and found its mark. Thank you for speaking honestly.

  5. lkd Says:

    I’d hoped my “snap out of it” comment hadn’t offended you. There are a handful of women in this world who I consider to be truly good mothers, and you are one of them. It really rattled me to see you doubting yourself and the courageous choice you made in choosing to become a mother.

    I’d love to see the whole alphabet as a whole when it’s done. It’s whimsical, creative, and pretty damned incredible. You took something that I’ve taken for granted my whole life, the alphabet, and brought it to life and made it magical.

  6. Kathryn Says:

    I’ll definitely take photos of the oeuvre when we’re done. It’s decorating our dining room.

  7. Jan Says:

    What wonderful news. So happy for you. Now you can get back to enjoying these precious moments with Claire.

  8. Songbird Says:

    So glad for your good news!!!

  9. la peregrina Says:

    Late to the party, Kathryn, but so glad to read your news. I feel relieved but know that your own relief is much greater than mine could every be. Wonderful, wonderful, news. 🙂