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About ten years ago — more than, probably — I found a fabric I loved. I didn’t sew then, but I bought some. When we moved in, I hung it in Claire’s room with push-pins as a makeshift curtain. There wasn’t enough to make curtains for the window, but it did block some of the morning light. Husband finally said the other day, “It’s time to buy some curtains for her room.”

My response was, “No way, I can make them. I promise!” Somehow my sense of motherhood had been threatened! {Gasp!} (Not really, but it seemed ridiculous to spend a lot of money on curtains when I had the means to make them myself.) I had been saying I’d make curtains for months. Well, 2011 arrived, and it was time. So I took the fabric — black background with vivid blue butterflies — to Joann Fabrics to find a complementary color fabric in an amount to help cover the window. Then I measured, cut, measured again, ironed, sewed, ironed some more, sewed some more, and voila! I had curtains. Husband got a rod at Lowe’s and by the end of Saturday, January 1, Claire had curtains. Finally! They are not perfect, but only if you look really hard up close can the flaws be found. I’m inordinately proud of them. I will probably make more later in the spring from a lighter fabric, since her current favorite color is yellow.

Now I’ve got a mind to make some valences for the guest bedroom and office…

new curtains i made
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2 Comments on “More Sewing”

  1. linda Says:

    So proud of you! I used to love to sew with my machine. Was never that good at it but I did make Mom a caftan for Xmas years ago on the most slippery fabric that I could find. You will have fun! You might be able to make Claire some tops to wear for the summer!

  2. Mom/Grandma Says:

    Proud of you, my girl! You’ve entered the sewing world of motherhood ……… I sort of had fun with simple things in those days, but not too clever with it. Best items I ever produced were probably that costume for you for the school 1976 bicentennial and the junior maid of honor gown for Linda’s wedding!