It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in this house! Claire is especially excited.

Our tree (before the star topper was decorated):

tree plus new tree skirt chosen by claire

I made the star 25 years ago when I was broke, using tin foil and cardboard. Claire added glue and glitter!

decorated star

Santa’s little elf can’t wait for Christmas. Every gift I wrap that she gets her hands on goes under the tree.

under the tree

I glued the little wood spoons that come with sherbet cups. Then Claire painted both sides, and put glue on, and then put the sequins and star on (both sides).

ornament 2010

And our stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

stockings hung by the chimney

Our advent calendar (which now has two ornaments stuck to it).

advent calendar

And yesterday, Claire said, “Santa Claus makes special love so I feel happy in my heart and my heart feels love for everyone, and when they feel my big love I give them hugs and kisses.” Of course, she also wants a zillion toys from him too, but I think she understands the essence of the holiday. We read her picture books about the baby Jesus too, so she will understand the correlating story about this time of year.

It’s all about celebrating light and love this time of year.

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One Comment on “Anticipation”

  1. acm Says:

    nice. having a toddler has definitely made me appreciate every step of holiday preparations. we’re drawing it out a bit to let her participate more…