Another Trip Around the Sun

Although Claire’s birthday is actually the 8th, we are having a party tomorrow with friends. (And later this week the preschool class will sing happy birthday to her, and at the end of the week she will have another party with her grandparents and aunt in NY!)

My baby is no more. She adamantly rejects that term.

Mornings have changed. I used to get her out of the crib and cuddle and rock with her a good 15-30 minutes in the morning. She’d wrap her arms around me. Even after she got the toddler bed, she stayed in it. I’d hear her call for me, go in and scoop her up, and have our cuddle. (This would also happen after her nap.) In the past ten days Claire has taken to getting out of bed, knocking on her bedroom door (she likes it closed but hasn’t figured how to open it yet), calling for me: “Mommy?! It’s the morning of a new day! Come get me!” I open the door and barely get a hug before she charges out; or, if the cat scoots into her room when I do, she launches herself at Stella to give her hugs and kisses before announcing it’s time to feed Stella and offer treats.

As of Monday, she has dropped her daily nap. I miss rocking and singing to her. I tried to encourage her to just rock with me, not to nap, but she refused — vociferously. I also miss the break for myself. Not being a child who takes well to being confined, she will not have quiet time in her room. Well, she will play there of her own volition, but I haven’t managed to convince her that she should be in there alone for an hour at the former nap time. We are working out how to shift gears and give her some down time after lunch (and me too). By late afternoon she is slightly off-kilter, a little clumsy, rubbing her eyes, clearly tired, prone to crankiness, a bit hyper, but she is done with naps.

Since Husband’s commute is now so bad that he doesn’t get home until about 7 p.m., I’d been worried about what would happen to our family time once she dropped naps. We also haven’t been able to eat many evening meals together anymore, because she just can’t wait much beyond 6 p.m. for dinner. So Claire and I eat together, then I steer her toward a bath. Husband gets home and eats dinner while I bathe her, and then he has about half an hour to read her a book and play a little before rocking her down for the night. She conks out suddenly at about 8 or 8:15 p.m. and sleeps through until 7 a.m. Then we do it all again!

My beautiful girl is nearly three. Can it be?

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One Comment on “Another Trip Around the Sun”

  1. Euan Says:

    Three! Scary how time flies ….