Stained Glass Streamers

We made the simplest craft the other day, and it turned out so well. To make this, you need a roll of clear packing tape, some string or yarn, a hole punch, and a bunch of tissue paper of different colors cut up into small bits. Put a strip of tape on the table, sticky side facing up, and invite your child to put the paper pieces onto it. I had to tape the ends to the table to keep the strip stationary. When she feels it’s been decorated well enough, put another piece of tape, sticky side down, on top. Trim off any bits of paper sticking out of the edges. Punch a hole in one end, help your child get the yarn through the hole and then hang them outside in a tree, on a bush, off a pole — wherever you can tie them. Here they are hanging in the window for us to admire before going outside.


Now they are in the tree, fluttering about.

floating in the tree

We watched them dance as we sat on our porch eating icy pops.

streamers in the distance
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