Paper, Paint, and Glitter Glue

I bought a package of die-cut flowers at Michaels, and we undertook to decorate some on Saturday. It took several days to work on this project, because the paint had to dry on each side before we could flip them to paint the other side, and the same for the glitter glue (which took forever to dry). It was difficult for Claire to summon patience through this process, and to understand that time had to pass. But it was worth the wait; this morning I hung them, and the grin on her face and her quiet exclamation of “Wowwww!” when she saw them was proof!

I made the ones on each end.

flowers, side 1

They rotate in the breeze, and they sparkle!

flowers side 2
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One Comment on “Paper, Paint, and Glitter Glue”

  1. Mom/Grandma Says:

    This almost looks like “home schooling” …… not every little one gets a chance at these crafty doings till they hit that little red brick school house:-) You’re making a bunch of great memories for her!