Sunday Fun

Two batches of shells from the dollar store provide at least an hour of fun on a Sunday morning. Fill the sink with water…

sunday fun

Then sort! Later on Claire had her Little People friends play among the shells at the beach.

she sorts seashells

Then she decided that today was Space Bunny’s birthday (a little jingly rabbit toy she’s had since birth). So we got out construction paper, scissors, and glue. We made presents, cupcakes (with sprinkles!), and a cake with candles.

claire and I made all this

We also made paper flowers with marker, paper and pipe stems. Then Claire held the bunny and everyone sang happy birthday. Everyone had fun, and soon enough it was time for dinner and an evening walk, then bath and bed.

space bunny's birthday party
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One Comment on “Sunday Fun”

  1. Sister Says:

    Ahhh.. sea shells! One of my “heart loves”….. Wonder if they are Claire Bear’s DNA?