Here’s an easy, simple activity. I bought some colored masking tape, half-inch width, online at Discount School Supply. This stash will last a long time and be useful for many things. Then I got out some construction paper and tore off pieces of tape. (Claire chose the colors.) Then she decorated the paper with them. I noticed she mostly wanted to concentrate the color in one spot. After six were done I taped them to our dining room wall. Voila! Simple abstract art. It entertained her well for a while.

construction paper and masking tape = easy abstract art

And thanks to the Frugal Family Blog for the inspiration!

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2 Comments on “Abstraction”

  1. Kathy in San Jose Says:

    Love it! Did you choose which colors to put on which paper, or was that her choice? I wish Danny was still of an age where he would enjoy this. Maybe I’ll do it anyway!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    I chose the paper, then she chose the tape color. We had fun, and no mess!