Mellow Friday

We’ve had a busy week, with someplace to go every day until today. I decided today would be a relax-at-home day, and this morning Claire and I did two crafts. She is still learning how to handle materials, developing fine motor skills, and beginning to grasp the steps of a project. The two crafts we did were from the All Kids Network. We made a paper plate sun and the tissue paper fish.

With the fish, I prepared the materials and gave them to Claire. She put the bits of paper on. I forgot about putting the eye and the smile on, but no biggie.

"stained glass" fish

With the sun, I cut up the pieces; Claire painted the plate and the smile. After it dried, she put glue on the rays and the sunglasses and told me where to position them.

paper plate sun

She’s not quite three, so these projects are mostly a collaborative effort. But we have fun, and she’s starting to do more on her own. Here’s a happy child:

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2 Comments on “Mellow Friday”

  1. acm Says:

    I love those contact paper crafts, and Speck does too. You can probably let her do more — for example, I let Speck pick the colors of tissue paper to use, and then I cut it into long strips, which she tears into the final pieces. Now that we’re using scissors a bit, I might even let her cut them up (not sure). Anyway, you can make a “stained glass” just about anything with the same principles, and grandfolks love them! 🙂

  2. Jan Says:

    Wow. Claire is really growing up. What a cutie. (Great projects, too)