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Packing, packing, packing, sick kid, Urgent Care, ear infection, packing, packing, 104F fever, coddling, cuddling, rocking, dosing, televisioning, sorting, packing. Oh my god, still more packing!. Haven’t made a dent and yet have a ton of boxes already.

We move in two weeks. Husband is at the house doing all sorts of little things to prepare it, and we’re waiting for a couple of small messy jobs to get done. Then cleaning, then moving.

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3 Comments on “The Latest”

  1. Angela, Australia Says:

    Busy, stressful, but exciting! I hope!

  2. Barbara Says:

    Sounds like a crazy, busy time in your neck of the woods! Good luck with all of your packing and preparing. Before long you’ll be unpacking in your own home!


  3. acm Says:

    yeah, even a seemingly empty room can fill a box; it’s amazing. good luck getting it all done, let alone weathering the sickness and exhaustion and all the rest. as an old friend of mine says, sometimes you just need to put your head down and moooo! your way ahead. moo! moo! 🙂

    a month from now, you’ll remember sanity and maybe even feel cozy in the new space. meantime, camping, packing, adventure!