A Dream Achieved

At long last, after a search of 13+ months, we found a home to buy! We close a couple of days into May and will move in by June 1. Woohoo!!

If you live in Silicon Valley and need a realtor, contact ours: CJ Brasiel. She also has a blog. CJ makes it happen. We hired her on January 1, and we had a house by Easter.

I stand here nipping a bit of lunch while Claire eats, so this post will be brief as usual.

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5 Comments on “A Dream Achieved”

  1. Jasmin Says:


  2. la peregrina Says:

    I am so happy for you. 🙂

  3. Nancy A. Says:

    How wonderful for all of you!

  4. acm Says:

    very exciting! look forward to hearing of your triumphant occupation and enlivening of said house, and wish you much energy for all the crap it takes to get there!

  5. Melissa Says: