Something About the Wind

Something about the wind makes me feel alive…the seagulls and the sky…whether its sunny and bright or cloudy and grey or nighttime and I’m surrounded by vast darkness…I just feel…FULL. Full of love and energy….almost as though I’m porous and the wind soars through tiny holes in my body and I’m part of it all…the earth and the people and the relation of everything with everything…as though I don’t matter…but its not scary…its wonderful….i feel so free.
It’s the only time I’m not afraid to die. Cuz I can feel the wind and I know that I’ll always be a part of life…and the love and energy that are contained in my skin will be let loose into the wind and the world will just know how much I care and love and I will live forever.

–Eva Dien Brine Markvoort, 2006-2010

Eva was a lovely woman, full of spirit and beauty and fire, who battled Cystic Fibrosis and MRSA. She underwent a double lung transplant in 2007, but eventually her body rejected it. She went on the waiting list for another transplant. She fought to stay with this world until she could not. In February, she recorded this loving message to the world. She lived another six weeks, and died at age 25 on March 27, 2010. I’ve spent this morning reading the archives of her blog, looking at her photos, and marveling at how much life and love this young woman packed into her stay on earth. I wish I could have met her. I hope I can heed her words.

Click this link to see the movie, or watch it below. It might make you cry, but it’s important to listen. (And turn up the volume; her condition made her speak softly and slowly.)

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One Comment on “Something About the Wind”

  1. Mouse Says:

    Yes I wept
    But I also smiled to see such an out-pouring of love
    Love, such a small word, such a strong emotion

    Thank you for sharing