By Leaps and Bounds

Today as Claire sat on her little potty, she announced she wanted to sit on the Big People potty. And that she wanted big-girl underpants. So we went to Target to get an insert to make the regular toilet kid-sized and to find underwear. She chose Hello Kitty and Tinkerbell underpants.

Then after lunch, she tried to sit on the big toilet, but the position was not quite right. So she sat on her potty and managed to complete her business after 45 minutes. (I sit on the floor to read to her, and man, it gets cold and hard!) She wanted to wear underpants then, but I said it was nap time, and after nap she could. Besides, the undies were in the washer.

So she just woke from a nap and asked to wear the undies. She sat on the potty but nothing happened, so we decided she would wear undies and go play. I told her to tell me if she feels pee or poop coming and we’d go sit. I’ve also set the timer for 30 minutes and will remind her then. Then I’ll re-set it for 30 minutes and we’ll go sit, etc. until bedtime.

I thought also that she was going to skip nap for the third day in the row. But eventually, about 45 minutes after putting her down, there was silence from her room for an hour and half. She needed the sleep! It seems, however, that changes are afoot. Big strides tend to happen in bunches with Claire. Her language is more complex (see the story she told that I posted a couple days ago), she’s needing fewer naps, and she’s potty training. There’s a lot going on!

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3 Comments on “By Leaps and Bounds”

  1. Mom/Grandma Says:

    One of the seemingly universal truths is that “Life” seems often to happen in *bunches*; and specially fascinating when it’s in ‘little peoples’ lives. 😀

  2. Jan Says:

    Forget the parental excitement over the first steps or the first word. Potty training is big stuff. I’m surprised how many store clerks will help (even show you to the employee restroom) if you say you are potty training your child and she can’t wait. Life gets sooo much easier after potty training. Whoopee!!

  3. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    Potty training is a major big deal so congratulations on the progress. Now, if I could just fully train this new dog of mine. All goes well for weeks at a time and then–surprise. I have a trainer coming Wed. to give me advice. I guess I was better potty training kids.