Once Upon A Time

Claire turned two-and-a-half on Monday. Tonight Claire wanted to tell a story. She dictated, and I wrote it down word-for-word. Are you ready?

Once upon a time there was a girl named Stacy the Firefighter. She had a dog named Sparky. He was a Dalmatian. They liked to ride the fire engine and make the siren go. Stacy squirted the whole building. Stacy was sad that she ran away. She was scared of a monster. The dragon gave her a kiss to make her feel better. She didn’t know that a monster would be the same as a dinosaur. Stacy got down and got hurt. She got hurt by a plant. Stacy poked her finger on it. It was a cactus. This time Stacy said ouch because her finger got hurt. And Stacy went all the way home and she told her Mom and Dad how much her finger hurted. Her Mom and Dad gave her a kiss to make it feel better.

The End.

–by Claire Georgia Harper, age 2.5 years

What an imagination!

She also, as of two days ago, decided to start potty-training herself. She has asked several times each day to sit on the potty, and she has indeed succeeded in using it each time. I do end up sitting on the floor reading her book after book for about 30-40 minutes, but whatever works to get her started! She is very interested in what comes out of her body and in the process of disposal, flushing, and washing her hands. It’s as if some switch got flipped internally. Other people in our lives have been eager to start training her, and I have gently held my ground; I felt forcing this was a recipe for frustration and failure. I had a feeling she’d proceed on her own schedule. It may not be fast and efficient, but I have a sense that it will be emotionally easier for us all.

being a silly monster

Being a silly monster!

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3 Comments on “Once Upon A Time”

  1. eileen Says:

    hooray for claire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and also mommy for all the patience it took and takes…..

  2. Jan Says:

    What precious memories. Nothing is better than being a mom, especially with a sweetheart like Claire.

  3. Sister Says:

    Sunshine girl amazes me! She brings back memories from days gone by! Many hugs and kisses to Claire Bear!