Clever and Cute

This morning I went to retrieve Claire from her crib. She’d awoken moments earlier and I heard her talking quietly.

I opened the door, and was greeted with:

“Oh, Mommy, please go back to bed! I have to tell my friends about the time Piglet and I forgot to go to the grocery store.”


She watches a show called Word World. It’s a neat concept; all the nouns consist of their letters shaped to look like the actual object. The main characters are Bear, Sheep, Pig, Frog, Duck, Ant, and Dog. Yesterday Claire kept coming into the kitchen asking me for cups of water and straws. First Sheep was thirsty, then Pig, etc. Soon the little table which serves as her “buffet” was strewn with these cups and straws.

At one point she said, “Bear is very sick. I bring her a cup of water to help her cough go ay- way.”


Yesterday, we were waiting for our realtor to meet us at a house we were going to see. Claire’s barrette fell out. She asked me to fix it “so it will look nice.”

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2 Comments on “Clever and Cute”

  1. Jan Says:

    How adorable!

  2. Mom/Grandma Says:

    What a word world she has (and is) developing! As a two and a half year old she must be able to express most any idea she feels a need to make known ….. wonderful:)