And How Are You?

I sent the following in a note to a friend. Not that she can fix it, but she’s empathetic, and that will have to do for comfort.

Lately I feel I am a Riedel wine glass, and the world is a soprano singing a note that is nearly unbearable.

I want, somehow, to be removed from it, wrapped gently in a soft cloth, and put away someplace safe and quiet.

That’s not going to happen, but I wanted to mention it because I feel you’ll understand.

My best option is to slow down, drop agendas, and breathe.

That’s my answer for today. And you?

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2 Comments on “And How Are You?”

  1. Aunt LP Says:

    Sorry to hear it, dear. Try to remember what’s most important – people. Everything else can wait.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Indeed. The day went so much better than I’d thought. I just decided there was nothing needing action at a certain time, slowed down, focused on Claire and what we needed at the moment. Turned out to be a good day in the end. Still fragile, but this strategy helps.