Voiceless and Powerless

I woke up with no voice today. Had a sore throat yesterday. My husband is insisting I not speak. Do you know what a challenge it is to parent a child and communicate with her and Husband without a voice? Anytime I use my voice, Husband gets very annoyed with me. He says I need to give up the need to control what’s happening in the household. Arrrrrrgh.

This will probably last a few days, as all bouts with laryngitis have in the past. Most inconvenient.

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2 Comments on “Voiceless and Powerless”

  1. Char Says:

    I’ll write out, “Merry Krismas to all the Harpers.” No voice required. 😉

  2. Joyce Says:

    Oh dear. I’ve been there, and I HATE it. I am so sorry. Joyce