Non-Art Posting

Making art every day has taken a lot of my energy, so much that I have virtually nothing to say otherwise. The days are full with Claire. We were all able to get seasonal flu shots last week, and I feel much relief as we are about to embark on our Big Trip next Monday. I realize other bugs might come up, but at least — I hope — not The Flu.

I am knitting. I’m still working my way through The Last Child in the Woods and am steadily reading Home, Marilynne Robinson’s second novel. I’m also gathering supplies needed for our trip. Despite the fact we aren’t lugging a lot of big items, thanks to my sister-in-law’s efforts, there still feels like a lot to remember.

Stayed up too late last night, and Claire woke at 5:30 a.m. today, so I’m headed to bed.

As Tigger would say, TTFN!

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2 Comments on “Non-Art Posting”

  1. Aunt LP Says:

    Are there things you’re packing that we can just get here?? or that I might already have?

  2. Kathryn Says:

    No, it’s more just the gathering and the push to remember stuff that feels like a lot. I realize that if I forget anything we can probably get it there. It’s my usual pre-travel mode. 🙂