Art Every Day Month – Day 12

I decided to play with paint for a change. I have a postcard of Joseph Mallord William Turner’s painting, The ‘Fighting Téméraire’; I love the colors. What’s interesting is that there are many images of this painting on the web that render the color in vastly different ways: some are paler, some darker and more foreboding. This one most closely resembles my postcard. My rendition certainly doesn’t hold a candle to the original classic, but it was fun to do, and I’m mostly pleased with the result.

at sunset - art every day month 09 - day 12

At Sunset / 2.5 x 3.5″ acrylic paint on card stock

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11 Comments on “Art Every Day Month – Day 12”

  1. Shannan Says:

    Beautiful! I love the colors in the sunset~!

  2. Maron Says:

    Yummy colors and a nice liquid sunset…love it!

  3. Ana Says:

    That does look amazing and I am very happy that you had fun with it. 🙂 I love the colours and the texture, it is very rich and gives it that real genuine depth.

    Happy Creative Every Day Month. (For today Mine can be found on Flickr-

  4. Kathryn - Collage Diva Says:

    I love the colors. The purple against the yellow is stunning.

    Are you going to have it reproduced as postcards?

  5. Sharon Says:

    I love it! The blues of the sky, the sunset. Ahhhhh. I have a fondness for sunset paintings and photos. Lovely.

  6. Julie Says:

    Beautiful, I love the colors.

  7. Sherrie Phillips Says:

    I do love the vibrant colors. It is stunning. Congratulations!

  8. lynda howells Says:

    it is nice to try something else sometimes isn’t it? I am glad you enjoyed doing this painting..l like it. also thanks for visiting my art blog. if you are bored at any time…here are my blogs…you dont have to leave a message but become a follower and we can boost each otherxlynda
    My Blogs

    one image a day
    trying to create art each day

  9. Kelly Says:

    I love the loose brush strokes and the gorgeous colors.

  10. linda Says:

    Great work…I love the loose brushstrokes and bold color…fantastic!

  11. marta Says:

    Have you seen this documentary?

    It has a great piece on Turner.

    Love what you’re doing.