Art Every Day Month – Day 11

Some days — heck, most days — all my child wants to do is be read to, all day. I think in part it’s because it’s cozy and close, and she’s avid to understand the world. When we are around other kids, she likes to play with them. But her main favorite activity is to take little adventures through the worlds between two covers.

discovery - art every day month 2009 - day 11

Discovery / 2.5 x 3.5″ card stock collage with fabric, ink, and embellishments

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8 Comments on “Art Every Day Month – Day 11”

  1. Rebecca Stees Says:

    Ah, Bliss! The sweet and mysterious world of books!
    I like the glittery planets and the window into the world.

  2. messyfish Says:

    oh you are lucky you can sit and read! I am chasing my little one up and down and round and round all day! I love your clear bold art style.

  3. Julie Jordan Scott Says:

    Oh~This/is/GREAT! So vivid!

  4. Jen* Says:

    I like that you were inspired by your daughter in this piece! I love the glitter and the bold images.

  5. coRa Says:

    I love the portrayal! I can just see a kid hiding inside that book… 😀

  6. Meredith Says:

    I totally understand her. Glittery and yummy!

  7. Sweet-Lemmon Says:

    Oh my! I so loved this! So colorful! Lovely!

  8. linda Says:

    Storytime is always nice! Woohoo…nice piece!