Art Every Day Month – Day 7

Remembering this, living this — is my meditation practice.

each breath - art every day month 2009 - day 7

Each Breath / 2.5 x 3.5″ collage

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11 Comments on “Art Every Day Month – Day 7”

  1. afteriris Says:

    Such an essential thought. Thank you for sharing, I’ll think of this during my yoga practice later.

  2. Meredith Says:

    Beautiful reminder 🙂

  3. Janet Says:

    This is a lovely thought to carry through the day. Thank you.

  4. Connie Says:

    Love it!

    Peace & Love.

  5. Julie Ann Shahin Says:

    This is genius!


  6. lynda howells Says:

    simple but interesting. l am so enjoying visiting everyone site every day. very inspiration. lynda

  7. Sue O'Kieffe Says:

    profound in its simplicity!


  8. LauraD Says:

    spacious and lovely. makes me stop….and take a breathe.

  9. Susan Reep Says:

    I read this and immediately started breathing deeply and slowly. Consciousness.

  10. linda Says:

    Beautiful thought to remember…very lovely layout.

  11. Barbara Says:

    I love this! I may make it my mantra over the next few months.

    Thanks for sharing.