Art Every Day Month – Day 2

I was playing with stencils in this one. I wanted to keep things clean and simple. I was in the mood for green, because I am still waiting for the mountains to turn into that gorgeous winter emerald color, if the rains ever come consistently. The word “listen” came to mind, because there is so much to hear in the natural world. I’m try to bring Claire to as many natural spaces as I can, and give her the chance to move and get messy and hear what the world has to say.

art every day month 2009 - day 2- listen

Listen / 2.5 x 3.5″ ink and embellishment on card stock

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4 Comments on “Art Every Day Month – Day 2”

  1. Julie Jordan Scott Says:

    This is gorgeous. I adore the simplicity and the metaphor.

    One must leave space to listen. You did so beautifully and now I may as well.

  2. linda Says:

    Super cute layout…and such an important concept…to listen!

  3. natalyn Says:

    I too love the simplicity of this.

  4. aasddds Says:

    I too love the simplicity of this.