Less Mess

While I love getting the paints out for Claire, sometimes the paint cups are more ambitious than I want to tackle. They are spill-proof, but they are big and messy, and I am constantly moving them around so she can reach them. The other day we took a preschool field trip to a pumpkin patch where she got to paint a mini pumpkin; they used small plastic boxes with dividers in them to hold paint. The boxes held many colors and yet contained most of the mess. So we went to Michaels yesterday in search of something similar. I looked at the bead storage boxes, and most of them had moveable dividers, which meant the paint would seep into the other spaces. But I did find one that had 12 little containers, each with its own screw top, all of which can be nestled into a box. I filled them this morning and look forward to using them frequently.

paint box
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One Comment on “Less Mess”

  1. Aliskye Says:

    Hi there,

    I was looking at blogs from the Art Every Day Month site, and happened to come across yours. I bought some of those bead boxes with the screw tops thinking to use them for paint and was really disappointed. I wanted to use them to take paints traveling with me and they all leaked. If you are just using them on a flat surface they will probably be fine, but turn one upside down or sideways :), and look out! 🙂