A Rite of Passage

For the last 10 months, each morning Claire sits with her Dad on the sofa, watching PBS shows while he works from home for an hour, giving me a break to shower and prep for the day. One of her first and favorite shows has been Between the Lions. It’s a show with a muppet-style lion family that runs a library. Many stories are read, and vowels and consonants are explored. It’s a really creative show. (The pun between the lions refers to “reading between the lines” and to walking between the lions at the entrance of the New York City public library.)

On the show they talk about getting a library card; for the past couple of months, if you ask Claire, “What do you do with a library card?” She answers, “You bring the books to the lady and she lets you take them home.” In recent months she’s been talking more about going to the library. (We had not gone to story hour since she turned 1, because the librarian who runs the story hour for ages 1-2 is a stickler for making the children sit still, and has been known to chastise mothers if their children don’t follow the rules. So we haven’t been.)

Today, because we stayed out of preschool so as not to share any lingering germs, we went to the library to get Claire her very own library card. She was very proud of it and told her Dad all about it when he got home from work. She picked three books for herself, and we’ve read them each about a dozen times already. I’m sure we’ll be making regular trips from now on.

claire's library card!
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3 Comments on “A Rite of Passage”

  1. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    As someone who serves on the Palos Verdes Library Board and works inside a school library, this post delights me no end. Two of my three kids were avid library users, as was I from when I could read until now.

    May I use your post on the blog I keep for the library? Just go to http://www.pvld.org and then to the Friends of the Library blog.

  2. lkd Says:

    What the hell kind of story hour lady is a stickler for making kids sit still?


    What is this world coming to?

    I assume you and your beauteous daughter will be going to see Where the Wild Things Are?

    I can’t wait. It was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. That and: We Grew Tired of Living in a House.

    My god, that movie looks magical!

    I remember when I got my first library card. It was a very big deal to be able to go to the shelves and pick out my own books and then carry them up to the big desk to be checked out.

    Libraries are maybe the most wonderful places in the world. Zoos run a close second.

  3. gerry rosser Says:

    A wonderful story. Babycakes got her first library card, in Falmouth, summer before last, as I recall.