A First Step

Husband and I are homebodies. We aren’t big travelers, and we particularly don’t like to fly. We haven’t flown since 2006. In fact, we have never flown anywhere with Claire, and have only had one overnight away from home with her — in Monterey, in August. She was not the type of baby who slept in the stroller if I hauled her all over town. If she was out, she was awake and stimulated. She is inquisitive and curious.

We think about flying east to see my folks, but the length of the trip and the three-hour time shift daunts us. So we decided to try a shorter jaunt, to see Claire’s aunt and uncle in Austin at Thanksgiving.

We just booked our tickets. We actually found flights that were reasonably priced, although we’ll still have a layover in Colorado, and it will be a long day of travel. But it’s done! So this will be an adventure.

So now I need to know: What do you pack for a two-year-old on the plane (total travel including layover is 9 hours) that doesn’t offer meal service either? What do you pack for an eight-day stay somewhere? Any suggestions are welcome.

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2 Comments on “A First Step”

  1. Aunt LP Says:

    Aunt LP will help as much as possible on this end, so keep the suggestions coming! We’re REALLY excited!!

  2. Laura Says:

    I have no useful suggestions – my son is only 9 months – so I know what to take for a trip with an eight-month-old.

    If you booked her a seat, check and make sure her car seat can be used on the flight – if so, you can use it in the plane (and thus not check it and worry about it being flung around the luggage area) and have it when you get there. That worked nicely for us.

    And I suspect the trick I was recommended with toys (get some new ones, bring them along, don’t let them be seen until you’re desperate and then just one new one to distract) that worked so well with him would work pretty well with her as well.

    Other than that, make sure you know if there are fees for your luggage! Most airlines now charge for even the first checked bag and are quite restrictive of carry-on (although the nice thing traveling with our son was, we booked him a seat at full-fare costs so he got a carry-on allowance too, which helped).