What A Visit!

It was a great visit with Aunt LR. We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the beach, Big Basin State Park, music class, gym class, and the park. Aunt LR got lots of reading-to-Claire time, and on Wednesday evening she babysat while Husband and I went to a school meeting. Claire had no separation problems, played with Playdoh, and went to bed serenely. They really bonded!

Today Claire is clingy to me. I took my sister to the airport last night right before Claire’s bedtime, and I think Claire was scared I wouldn’t come back. All morning she wanted me in sight. She has asked where her aunt is.

It was a wonderful visit.

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One Comment on “What A Visit!”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    I think sometimes about children, especially those quite young, and wonder how their thoughts/emotions/instincts deal with those who come into and out of their lives (not like the washing machine repairman, but those who we ask the child to respond to emotionally, like your sister).

    My theory (like nobody smarter than me ever thought of this), is that there is a system in each child which evaluates and categorizes based upon the criteria: I am small and cannot fend for myself; who can I depend on.

    I am happy that Babycakes seems to include me on her “depend on” list. I wonder if her paternal grandmother, who has not made a great effort since Babycakes’s father died (he was an only son, and paternal grandmother is a widow). I give her (the grandmother) a lot of slack in my thinking because she lost her only child, of course. Somewhere along the line, though, I wonder if she’s going to regret her absence from Babycakes, and be unable to restore the bond.