Fall Fingerprint Craft Tree

Claire and I did a craft suggested at the All Kids Network. Because I couldn’t get her to splay her fingers when I traced her hand, the branches were a bit lumped together. She has the tiniest hands and arms.

I set up the picture by gluing construction paper to the white paper and then clipped that to her easel. I put a small dab of red, orange, and yellow paint on a paper plate, and she went to town. She started out doing the fingerprint (a dab here and there) and then her exuberance took over. She said she was painting leaves, and then she swooped her hands up and said, “I’m painting a girl. She likes the leaves.”

Great messy outdoor fun on a hot (95 degree) afternoon!

hand-traced trees & finger paint
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3 Comments on “Fall Fingerprint Craft Tree”

  1. Joyce Says:


  2. gerry rosser Says:

    What fun!

    It’s hot here, too, and I’ve got to catch up on all the stuff in the yard which didn’t get done during the summer (well, it’s stil summer).

    I’m dripping outside in less than a minute. Whew!

  3. acm Says:

    you’ve gotten me excited to do some crafts with Speck — she’s only 18 months, but she already loves sidewalk chalk and colored pencils, so perhaps I’ll try some new media soon. she doesn’t quite know what to make of organized projects, but I’m sure she’d love finger-printing (she loves to say Dot Dot Dot! while making chalk dots) and paint-smearing! 🙂