On Beginnings

Someone recently said to me that they haven’t heard much about our house search and assumed we’d stopped trying. That’s not the case, actually. But trying to find and buy the right house is, I’m finding, very similar to my experience of trying to get pregnant. The first time I was pregnant I told everyone right away, and then I lost the baby. The second time I got pregnant I also miscarried, and I hadn’t told anyone yet because I really didn’t want to go through the explanation. The third time we kept our mouths sealed until we were well into the second trimester and then announced our news, and later joyfully announced Claire’s debut.

And so it goes with house-hunting. Husband still looks and goes to open houses. He researches MLS listings. If there is one he visits that looks viable, he will ask me to go see it too. We have been looking for a home to buy for almost nine months. Maybe we’ll find one; maybe not. It just gets tiresome to talk about after awhile. I’ll not likely talk about the search until we’ve made an offer that is accepted. In fact, because Things Can Go Wrong, I’ll probably keep my mouth shut until we sign all the papers.

In other news, though, Claire and I were on a waiting list for a nursery school that a friend will attend. The school follows the philosophy espoused by the National Institute for Play (who knew there was such a thing?). I was content to wait and assumed I would not hear until next year. But on Labor Day I got a call that a spot opened, and I accepted. Claire and I will attend together on Wednesday mornings starting this week. I think she will enjoy it a lot.

We will have three busy mornings in a row, which concerns me a little because it can feel intense, but I think it’ll be okay. Tuesday is Music Together, Wednesday is school, and Thursday will be Little Gym. Other mornings and afternoons will be for parks, playdates, errands, and fun stuff at home, such as the painting we did today.

finger painting fun
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3 Comments on “On Beginnings”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    It took us a lot of looking and a long time before we gave up on finding a suitable existing house and had our home built.

    On Cape Cod, we looked for years before finding our little vacation hideaway.

    Hope Claire likes the school.

  2. Margie Witt Says:

    Hi Kathryn,
    Thanks for the facebook connection. Been a long time since we “talked”. I’m glad to find your blog again. Claire is beautiful! Good look with the house hunting… patience is good and waiting for the perfect home, even better.

  3. Patry Says:

    What a great photo!