Inauspicious Beginning

Husband is taking time off work. We were planning to go to Monterey for a couple nights — our first away from home with Claire — this week. Except Claire has a nasty cold with a cough, sneezes, and so forth.

Also, the water hose to our refrigerator broke and leaked everywhere last night. Though we rent the house, we own the fridge, so it’s our problem to fix.

And I successfully cast on my first sock, only to find I’d dropped a stitch in the first row. So this will require frogging and starting over.

None of these are huge crises, but they do set a tone for the vacation that we didn’t really want (but that’s not permanent). We may still decide to take our little trip, depending on how she seems tomorrow. She’s mostly cheerful and active, just with symptoms. We’ll have a repair guy come to fix the fridge. And casting on the sock again will be good practice for working with toothpick needles.

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