Whoosh! (That Was the Sound of Another Month Passing)

Well, I’m here at home on the sofa with a sick kid. She has a fever and congestion. “We” are watching Sesame Street and Between the Lions, after which we’ll try to figure out what else to do. She’s just sick enough to be clingy and well enough to be restless and whiny.

I’ve written very little here lately, in part because I’m rethinking what I want to share. Claire approaches her second birthday, and I’ve converted past posts that provided great detail to private status. It’s time to curtail the posts, out of respect for her privacy. I’m sure cute potty stories won’t be a hit with her when she’s a teen.

Truth be told, I find it easier and more social to spend time on Facebook. It’s more interactive; I can see what friends are up to, and we can comment to each other. I can restrict who can view updates and photos. I am also more inclined to post something when it’s a one-or-two-sentence update; posting here requires more substance, for which I don’t have much time or motivation.

Also, the kinds of topics I want to explore in my writing aren’t ones I want to share with the world. As Claire grows, a whole new set of neuroses and concerns are emerging within me, and while I want to write to explore my thinking and sort things out, I feel protective of myself (with good reason, I have discovered).

In the past two years, I’ve watched this blog go from having about 80 unique visitors a day (not huge) to about 15. I’ve lost my mojo here. And, well, I’ve got a life that I didn’t have before, lived in the here and now.

I won’t close the blog. It has some substance, and much effort was expended to create it. I’ll still post photos of the knitting and whatever occurs to me; I just don’t know what that will be!

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8 Comments on “Whoosh! (That Was the Sound of Another Month Passing)”

  1. Joyce Says:

    As one of your regular, though not known to you personally, readers, I would feel sad to lose contact with Claire’s growth and progress. It is always sad for me when people “turn out the lights,” as it were, for whatever reasons and I lose touch. Claire has been a delight and a joy to watch. I can understand the need to protect and how life changes….. It has been a pleasure to be a witness to your and her stories thus far.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Joyce wrote exactly what I was planning to write.

    So…”Ditto to what Joyce wrote.”

  3. Laura Says:

    I was going to ask if I could friend you on FB – I do want to read about your life, but I don’t know if you know me well enough – and then realized that was silly, because I almost never use FB, I find it too overwhelming. *wry* So even if you were willing to have me friended there, I still wouldn’t be paying attention, and that would be silly.

    But I wish you well.

    (And I do follow you although I probably don’t show often here – I watch the RSS feed via LJ, so unless there was a post I wanted to reply to or see comments on, I wouldn’t appear on your stats.)

    Truth is, with a seven-month-old of my own, I’m often reading but not commenting, which doesn’t make for a good exchange anyway.

  4. Barbara Says:

    I too am a regular reader although unknow to you personally. We are from opposite coasts so chances of a face to face friendship are slim. I remember when I first found your blog you were awaiting Claire’s arival and I had just recently begun my own blog. It is interesting how a person can become connected in some way to another just through their writings. I guess that is a testiment to your skill as a writer. I would miss you and your stories were you to stop writing here. I do understand the desire to protect your child’s privacy.


  5. Mom/Grandma Says:

    As a comment from this source, I must echo Laura in that your dialogue here has been a delight for us and FB does seem to be disjointed and in snippits (but “fun”). Your tales here often contain tidbits and nuance that our other conversations don’t seem to approach. Though I rarely do comment, we always come to visit.
    Pax et Bonum

  6. Angela, Australia Says:

    Like the other comments, I too have enjoyed the snippets of your family’s life. I can also understand the desire to keep your privacy. For me it has been a privilage to read about you, your husband and the delightful Claire.
    I will keep visiting your page, and enjoy the parts you chose to share, but I will know that if you chose not to post anymore, there is a mindful happy family in the USA that once allowed me to view a part of their life.
    Be kind to your self, enjoy this beautiful time with Claire, you will never recapture it!

  7. gerry rosser Says:

    I understand the privacy thing. To the best of my knowledge I’ve never given the real name of any of my family members on my blog, and never posted a picture showing their faces. This particularly applies to Babycakes.

    I’m not a Facebook user, and doubt I’ll become one.

    I’ll miss seeing regular posts here, if that happens.

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