Below is the New Yorker cover for June 29, 2009. Claire looked at it tonight, and this is what she said (note: she is still confused on gender pronouns):

“Man scared. Man can’t see, looking. He klunked. Yes, he’s looking, he klunked.” Klunked is Claire’s term for falling over. I can only guess that the look on the woman’s face seems like an expression of surprise, which is what Claire usually feels when she klunks. I’ve got an observant little kid on my hands!

hanging chador

Hanging Chador, by Barry Blitt

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One Comment on “Observations”

  1. M Sinclair Stevens Says:

    Is it that she’s confused on gender pronouns here? There are very few clues we can apply from our culture to distinguish this woman as a woman: her hair, shape, and body are sexless (that’s the point of the dress code, isn’t it?) She could be an angel or a choir boy.