The Early Bird

OMG, I haven’t got my child enrolled for preschool this fall! Nearly every other mother I know whose child is about to turn two has taken care of this. I haven’t since I thought we’d be moving and wanted to see where we’d be before I pursued this.

Oh no. My child won’t be ready for kindergarten! (Never mind the fact that I never went to preschool, and I did just fine.)

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7 Comments on “The Early Bird”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Breathe deeply. A number of really great preschools end up having openings as fall approaches. People move, change their minds, or any other variety of things. I’d recommend identifying the schools you like, getting on the waitlist and then monitoring their websites for openings. It can be done!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Thanks, Sharon. I posted this with tongue in cheek in part because it’s what so many parents focus on ’round here.

  3. gerry rosser Says:

    Day School = Day Care

    I know, I’m probably just a curmudgeon, but I and everyone I know (as an adult) got by without preschool.

  4. acm Says:

    yeah, we’re not even planning on putting our kid in until she’s 3. why let somebody else have all the fun?


  5. acm Says:

    oh, @gerry — we didn’t go to “preschool” 40 years ago, but we did go to “nursery school,” which I can actually remember. probably mostly structured play, but I can remember going across the street holding onto a rope to keep us all safe. my mom might have done a few hours per week in a co-op structure, but there was a main teacher. such things were run in church basements and the like back then…

  6. Kathryn Says:

    Actually, the preschool programs for Claire’s age that I would consider are 1 morning a week (2 hours) and require parent attendance and participation. But still, I’m not convinced it’s necessary. It’s just that SO many people talk about this (and the housing) constantly.

  7. jenni Says:

    We’re not enrolled either. Oh noes!!!!