Claire is beginning to show interest in dress-up and playing pretend. I wear headbands, and she calls them crowns. She has a little satin purple headband that she calls her crown. I have a large basket waiting for dress-up items. I bought her a tutu today (there is no way I have the skill or the tools to sew one). Here are some things I remember from childhood that I’d like to have:

Cowboy vest and hat
Fancy dresses
Scarves & ties (I’d like to get her a feather one too)

The trick is, I don’t want to spend a fortune. I looked at many kid toys sites, and an outfit for one thing (like a fireman) can run up to $40! I paid a little more for the tutu than I wanted, but I told myself I’d likely not find it much cheaper unless I made it myself. (It can double as a fairy outfit, and I will make a wand for her out of my art supplies.) I can try to hit Goodwill and garage sales. And I’m not insisting on child-size clothes; adult outfits can be fun to wear. If any reader has items they would like to unload, please let me know. (I don’t own fancy dresses.)

We desperately need a child-size table and chairs as well. Space is an issue, but she deserves a right-size workspace of her own. The cost, again, is a factor. Small furniture can carry big prices!

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3 Comments on “Dress-Up”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Go to/order from Ikea for the table! Seriously, they have cute tables and chairs for kids on the cheap.

  2. Karen Maezen Miller Says:

    Kids are masters at making something out of anything – that’s the nature of dress up. We got GG’s table at IKEA too. But if I had it to do over I’d scan for garage sales advertising kids stuff. When we sold, we sold for pennies, literally.

  3. M Sinclair Stevens Says:

    You don’t really need to *buy* special stuff–imagination is the key. We used towels for capes and scarves to make genie or gypsy outfits. Paper for all kinds of masks and crowns. Sheets for tents. Pillows and cushions to create tunnels and castles.

    There were 8 of us and my parents never, never bought us special costumes for dress up. That never stopped us from imagining and playing. The most important thing they provided was encouragement.