Although we live in an urban area, Claire and I find many natural treasures. We bring them home and put them in a shoe box to explore later. There are duck feathers, crow feathers, seed pods, bark, pine cones, and stones to examine. Claire has lost interest in playing on slides and swings. She prefers to take walks, preferably long ones. She’s very good about holding our hand when we tell her to and when the street is busy, but she cherishes the chance to walk “all by myself” — and when we are on a quiet street or in a park, I give her that chance every time.

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3 Comments on “Treasures”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    That is so cool that you collect up these treasures and explore them later. This little girl is so lucky to have you. Nice picture, too.

  2. Linda Says:

    I remember collecting really cool nature stuff on our numerous camping trips! So glad to see that you are carrying on a “family” tradition! Claire will enjoy revisiting her treasures over and over again!

  3. acm Says:

    I *still* have a box of treasures like this, although I suppose I got more picky later in life, so its contents are a bit more unusual (an elk tooth, an interestingly chewed nut, etc.). A wonderful idea — will have to pick out an appropriate box for when Speck gets to this stage!