Life Is Messy

I have a list of the little things I plan to write about that Claire is doing, but it’s late and I’m wiped out. She is a busy, busy child! So loving and cheerful too (most of the time). So here is a video to provide a glimpse until I have the energy to write. (If the embedded video doesn’t know, click this link.)

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3 Comments on “Life Is Messy”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    She is getting cuter all the time.

  2. acm Says:

    be easy on yourself. you’ve been able to blog sooner, more consistently, and with more coherence than I would have thought parenthood made possible. let the gaps fall where they need to…

  3. marta Says:

    Start no. She could be the next Marla.

    But perhaps that’s not a great idea…