Slow-Cooker Goodness

Since my stove-top is compromised (one burner can’t be used) and I don’t want to heat up the oven in the summer anyway, I bought a new crock pot. I haven’t used crock pots much because the recipes often call for different sizes; I had only one, and it seemed impractical to have more than one since they are large. Well, another mom mentioned that Walmart had a 3-in-1 crock pot on sale for $30, and so I went and got it. (Target sells the same brand for $60.) It has one base and three crocks: 2, 4, and 6-quarts.

The other night I used the 2-quart size to roast chicken thighs with rosemary and white wine. Today I made pulled pork for the first time (in the 6-quart ), and it was delectable.

There are umpteen zillion crock pot recipes for free on the web, so I’m looking forward to trying some of them. It just requires a little planning and prep ahead, but then it’s so easy!

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  1. Shirl Says:

    Catching up on some blogs, Kathryn, and was so delighted with the Claire reports. What a brilliant little girl she is. And . . . she’s a ladybug lover. YAY!