I’ve been sitting daily for 20 minutes, and I’m amazed how frenetic my thoughts are. They are faster and more erratic than any toddler. I sit, eyes half open, aware of the breath in my nostrils and counting, and all the while it sounds like a cocktail party in my head:

Boy, I can’t believe SHE did THAT… Need to get bread, bananas, and bologna… Claire is such a sweetie… When is the auto shop going to call about the repair?I wish our home had air conditioning… Wish we had a back yard… Ooo, forgot to send that email to… The litterbox needs scooping… How much longer do I need to sit here? My back is killing me… I need to scratch my nose.

Sometimes I don’t think thoughts as much as see images in my mind’s eye: me walking with Claire, the house we almost bought, our living room strewn with toys. All too often I catch myself traipsing down the path of thought or following the images and then I pull myself back into the present and focus on my breath again. Then there are moments when I am aware of all the chatter in the background but remain undistracted.

It’s difficult to do this, but I feel the impact already.

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One Comment on “Meditation”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    I’ve always thought that “turning off the thoughts” stuff was a load of hooey.