The cuteness continues, and so does the assimilation of knowledge. Claire now sings “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and has recently begun to sing Old MacDonald. She also counts to 10 but for some reason skips the number four. She sings ABCs but skips the middle part and after E heads straight to Q. She’s got her colors down pat, and most of the shapes (ovals and circles and pentagons still confound her).

The other day as I rocked her before nap, she said, “Mommy loves Claire.” What a thrill it gave me to hear this. She knows she is loved.


I feel fantastic. We purchased a recumbent stationary bike that I have used since its arrival. My legs feel stronger every day. I feel like a new woman. I have found that two 20-minute sets on the bike is manageable in terms of finding the time as well as the motivation. I still have physical therapy the rest of this month. I’ve also lost a couple of pounds, and I hope to see the numbers on the scale gradually get smaller and smaller.

Oy. I baked eight mini-loaves of Yummo Bread (pumpkin bread) today as Claire is plowing through the stuff. Right now I’ve got sweet potatoes baking for the next batch. I have laundry to fold, clothing to wash, and a shower to take before crashing. Oh, as for National Poetry Month and my intention of writing daily, well… never mind.

It’s April already?!

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One Comment on “A-twinkle”

  1. Patti Kramer Says:

    You sound so much better! I’m so happy! keep it up! 🙂