Husband and I are about to watch the very last episode of Battlestar Galactica. I saw a headline that said it was immersion therapy for the post 9/11 world. It’s a dark series, but it has richly developed characters and is intensely interesting. I’m eager to know how they resolve all this. I’ve never been much of a sci-fi fan, but this series encompasses so much more than what people might think when they consider the genre.

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3 Comments on “Finally”

  1. marta Says:

    Oh, I haven’t been able to watch Battlestar Gallactica except for those pilot min-series thing way back. But the show looks fantastic and I’m sorry I missed it.

    Too many people look down on genre fiction. A good story is a story–I don’t care if it is set in space, in gritty streets, or in a dragon’s lair. Sure, there is plenty of bad sci-fi, but people will bring that up as if there isn’t plenty of bad crap everywhere.

    Enjoy your show!

  2. Eden Says:

    So what did you think?

  3. Kathryn Says:

    Eden, I was deeply disappointed. I think it should have ended after the first hour. It would have been in keeping with the series as a whole. Instead they spoon-fed us illogical happy endings (well, happy up to a point) and used deus ex machina to explain too much. It was trite and irritating and I felt manipulated. I disengaged around the time Baltar was in the CIC spouting off about breaking the cycle of violence and Cavel was going along with the treaty. If they had ended it right after Tryol killed Tori and all hell broke loose, I would have been happy with the show. But no, they had to jump to Earth and thus jumped the shark.