Changing My (Diaper) Bag

Sometimes what’s needed is a small change. For 18 months I lugged around the huge black diaper bag, and in the first year it served well, because I carried a lot of stuff around for Claire (and it became my purse too). I never left the house with Claire without also bring the black bag. It held diapers, wipes, blankets, snacks, bottles, sippy cups, extra clothes for Claire, my wallet and cell phone, tampons, a pen and notepad, diaper changing pad, and antibacterial wipes.

Lately I need less and less stuff for Claire. And frankly, I’ve gotten much less concerned about things like carrying a diaper changing pad or the entire contents of my refrigerator. Most places have changing stations and disinfecting wipes can clean off the surfaces just as well. As for food, she’s able to get by on crackers and fruit if she needs a snack while we’re out, and since she has almost all her teeth now, she can eat regular food with the best of us.

So when I was out this evening running errands (which is what often sadly qualifies as “me time”), I happened to wander down an aisle at Walgreens and saw small tote bags. One was all pink and girly, another was black with pink lips all over it, and then there was the cute little ladybug bag. It was $5.99, and on a whim I bought it. Someday, when I’m done using it as a diaper bag I will — if it is still in one piece — use it to tote knitting projects around. For now, it’s much lighter and smaller and yet still carries the essentials. But really, the main thing is that it cheers me, and I feel less like a ox with a yoke.

Husband used to carry the diaper bag, but you can bet that won’t be happening now! It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

changing the diaper bag
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3 Comments on “Changing My (Diaper) Bag”

  1. acm Says:

    funny: we’re about 1 year and I just recently bought a stylish and slimmer diaper bag from Etsy. not as economical as yours, but also makes me feel less bitter about shlepping the monster bag (and even feels a bit like Spring). we have a plastic bag with all the toys that used to be in the diaper bag (and that pester Grandma when she’s sitting) that we can grab if doing something adventurous and entertainment-requiring like eating out…

  2. ashley Says:

    yea to you for getting your own bag!

  3. Shirl Says:

    Oh yay! Ladybugs!!! and sending good thoughts your way for the surgery. {{{hugs}}}