Last night I enjoyed my annual extravagant outing with several friends. We went to SF for a delicious dinner at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine and then saw a vibrant musical, Wicked. I had a fine, fine time!

Alas, while there is much happening, I’ve got zero energy and time to write, but I’ll try later in the week to catch up.

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2 Comments on “Doings”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    We eat at Roy’s occasionally. There’s one near us here in Florida, and we ate at one in Anaheim a few weeks ago. Tasty stuff.

    Get your energy back.

  2. John G Says:

    Hi! 🙂 Just found your site and love it. Great read. Just started my own blog about my new journey in life, trying to find my passions, and was great to read yours. Have added a link, and will be visiting often!