The Plan

I am so so tired, so this will be a brief post.

I saw the surgeon today. All my questions were answered adequately. I can schedule the surgery any time, but the longer I wait (or the more it hurts) to greater the damage, and if my knee suddenly locks I’ll need immediate surgery.

It’s a three-hour procedure under general anesthesia. I’ll be on crutches for anywhere from 4-14 days, and will need to be careful with bending and stress up to six weeks after surgery. He said that it will take six months after the surgery for full recovery. I’ll need to have physical therapy once or twice a week for about six weeks.

So, we now need to figure out when to schedule this. I obviously will need help, as I can’t get up and down stairs on crutches while holding Claire, and I can’t really shepherd her well while using them either. My sister-in-law is coming soon, Husband’s mother is willing to come help, and Husband can take time off. So we’ll figure out a plan.

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One Comment on “The Plan”

  1. Ambrosia Says:

    I am so glad you have a plan, and am so sorry I won’t be much help as I am still recovering myself. Sounds like the surgery isn’t too invasive, which is good. I’m sure it will be a little frustrating for Claire not to have 100% of Mama, but little ones are very resilient/flexible. My experience is that I am even more grateful to be a Mama, since I can’t do everything 100% for my little one right now…and remember this is just temporary, a mere few weeks. If you want to chat about your fears/concerns/frustrations or whatever, give me a call 🙂