So I went to see an orthopedist and got some information on what’s going on with my leg. First of all, I have patellofemoral syndrome (also known as chondromalacia patella), and I was told to stop wearing a knee brace and given an exercise to strengthen the quadricep muscles. Apparently the cartilage under the knee cap is very thin, and the kneecap is grinding a bit. A stronger quad muscle will help it maneuver better, and a brace actually weakens that muscle and makes it all worse.

Secondly, the doctor is ordering an MRI to check for a medial meniscus tear. I am hoping my HMO will approve the test (otherwise it’s $2,000). Once the test is done, the doctor will review the results with me. If there is a tear, I’ll need surgery. If there isn’t a tear, then I guess we’ll discuss what else might be going on.

The irony of this is that yesterday was the first day my leg hurt hardly at all! The more exercise I do, the more it hurts, and I’ve stopped doing much in the past week. But it pains me today, so I’m glad I got going on finding treatment for it. The doctor recommended I do biking and swimming, and so I’m going to follow that route.

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One Comment on “Hobbled”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    Hope this works out well. Pain is no fun.