My Little Ham

It’s been a rough weekend. Claire has manifested some loud and distressing screaming sessions. She sounds like Katherine Turner, Demi Moore, or Marlon Brando (take your pick). Her doctor says there’s a lot of illness focused on the throat that turns into a croup-like cough. She’s tired and pale too. This evening her sweetness returned for awhile. I hope she gets better soon. She behaved like a little martinet all weekend, including today. I wondered if it’s the beginning of terrible toddler tempers, but the doctor thinks it’s just pain and feeling poorly.

Here are some photos I took a couple weeks ago. Claire recently has discovered frowning and likes to do it, but she knows she is being funny and has a hard time keeping a serious face.

consternation 1
consternation 2
consternation 3
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3 Comments on “My Little Ham”

  1. leah Says:

    lol! too cute! i hope she’s feeling all better soon, kathryn!

  2. Karen Maezen Miller Says:

    A hard time keeping a serious face . . . that is the medicine for what ails us all. Let happy, healthy days come again.

  3. gerry rosser Says:

    Hope she perks up quick.

    Cute pix.