If Only I Were A Ladybug

Husband is a researcher. For months he has diligently tracked the housing market to see if house prices will enter a range we can afford. In the past couple of weeks, we have taken field trips to various parks in San Jose neighborhoods to see if we like the area, and to see what our money could buy. Unfortunately, this also means a much longer commute for Husband. He works in Mountain View, although this is not a given forever. Yet we cannot afford to buy a house north of Santa Clara.

So far, we’ve learned that the house we want (about 1,400-1,700 square feet, two baths, and a small yard) we can’t afford in certain neighborhoods (or we can only afford a town home, but those rarely have yards), and the houses priced so that we could buy are in neighborhoods that are run down or downright scary. It still galls me that $500,000 can only buy a shack. But we will continue to look, to eliminate areas and narrow down a few regions we might afford. Then we’ll see what happens to the market. It continues to move in our favor, but we’re still talking scads of money. Since we already pay $2,200 a month for rent — and since we know it will go up again this year — we might be better off at least getting some equity built up (though it will take many, many years for that to happen).

I took the photo below at the San Francisco Zoo. If only my housing issues were as simple as a ladybug’s. This looks like an inviting place.

sf zoo leaves 1
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4 Comments on “If Only I Were A Ladybug”

  1. Patti Kramer Says:

    wow, cost of living sounds outrageous there! I’m crossing my fingers for you, and making a wish that you find exactly what you want for what you want to spend. good luck!

  2. Jacqueline Miller Says:

    We will keep our hopes up for you guys. It is so ridiculously high out there. I wish my Mom had kept her old house in Fremont. It would have been close by and it had a lovely back yard. My thoughts are with you in your search. My family friends used to be real estate agents out there, I could always get information from them if you would like?
    Take Care.

  3. Sara Says:

    Just a couple things to add.. as Henry and I just bought a place in December. I had been researching for about two years so I thought I knew a lot– when we finally found a place we wanted to jump on and thought we could afford, I was completely surprised by our realtor thinking we could start bidding about $60k under the already very reasonable (for the market!!) asking price. They settled for $50k under. Just something to consider in this market while you’re figuring out what you can afford. Drop me a line if you’d like a rec for a realtor or mortgage person… I really think we had great people working for us to make the whole thing a little more manageable.

  4. Kathryn Says:

    Thank you everyone for the good wishes and the helpful tips. I keep telling myself it’s all just a Grand Adventure. 🙂