Year In Review

I usually recap the previous year by posting the first sentence written here for each month. Here is the one for 2007. I thought I’d done it previous years to that, but I can’t find it in the archives.

January: My day isn’t over yet.

February: Claire napped four times yesterday, only 30 minutes each.

March: From an email I wrote to a friend who has several children (but it was also me talking to myself and thus worth it to me to post):
Please tell me the fact that my daughter isn’t sitting unassisted at six months is okay.

April: I’ll face reality.

May: I originally knit a baby hat and an adult hat.

June: This was a work weekend.

July: I made Claire’s hat and trusted the pattern.

August: The simplicity of this photo belies the amazing life activity that is constantly occurring within.

September: Claire is an amazing little person.

October: My good friend Ambrosia just welcomed her little girl, Gwendolyn Rose, at 6:33 this morning.

November: This year, my efforts with AEDM will probably be simple, the result of quickie creativity cobbled together from stolen moments.

December: Today was Claire’s first day at the parent-participation preschool session.

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